As much as 95% of dust when sanding can be collected using the latest dust free machines and extractors!

As we all know dust can be dangerous and messy, and can take forever to get rid
of, but the machines used can reduce this dramatically- linked above is as small piece of info about the dust in our homes which can also be caused by decorating/refurbishment.

Above is the set up I have- the RTS 400 and extractor and I also have a wide range of handheld sanding pads which also connect to the extraction system. This kit enables the whole job to be done with dust massively reduced.

I have noticed a personal gain as it is not being breathed in and the job is much cleaner in general and almost dustless, but from a customers point of view, its not settling for weeks after I have left.

The feedback from all customers regarding this kit has been very positive and everyone wants a dust extractor kit........ until they see the price!!