A Quality Service At  A Fair Price

I recognize that repainting/refurbishing/redecorating your home can be
disruptive and messy. To make the process less intrusive and to protect your
home I use the latest in Dustless Technology.

Full Dust free and Sanding Decoration.

These tools allow us to work in your occupied home without creating the fine dust that seems to permeate every room and require endless cleaning. 

 The Festool dust extraction system with RTS 400 sander and Mirka abranet kit and papers can ensure that as much as 95% of dust from normal decoration and sanding is removed whilst preparing walls, woodwork etc. Please view the dust free sanding page for more details. More is explained on the dust free sanding page.

Insured And Guaranteed.

As a fully insured member of Dulux select decorators, you as a customer, and your home, can get the job it deserves.

All work and materials are fully guaranteed by Dulux (unless stated otherwise) and as a member, all workmanship is vetted and monitored to ensure all aspects of the works are up to the highest standard, as I can ensure you it is.

Interior renovations

Aswell as interior and exterior decoration, a speciality of mine is hand painted and spray painted kitchens. Please click the link or view the hand painted kitchens page for pictures and more infomation.

Exterior renovations

The exterior repairs I carry out are fully guaranteed and I am trained in the Repair-care system offering you the option to repair rotten timber- windows, doors, frames etc, successfully as opposed to having the massive cost of replacement.

Again this work will be guaranteed and can befully discussed on meeting- Please view the repair-care page for more details, and also the repair-care gallery for pictures of a few completed repairs.

 More often than not , walls can be skimmed with filler once or twice if bad/ after stripping wallpaper and sanded with the dust free extractor without the need of a plasterer. My customers are often pleasantly surprised at the end result as there is not the mess .


Please call Leigh on- 01794 884894

 or 07990816691 

or e-mail- leigh-wilson@hotmail.co.uk